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SERVPRO teams dealing with a mold outbreak

Cleaning Biohazardous Situation

When dealing with mold cross contamination is a concern thus the need for clean rooms and negative air to ensure the mold doesn't spread. Our technicians at SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville take the utmost care when dealing with bio hazardous situations and take pride in ensuring that mold doesn't spread or come back.

Mold in a Thomasville home

Mold After Flood Is Big Concern in Thomasville

After experiencing a hurricane and a tropical storm in Davidson County within two weeks of each other mold is pervasive and real concern in the community, as seen in this Thomasville home. When you find mold in your home, it's best to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville immediately so we can ge to work and get your home back to normal as soon as possible!

Restore vs. Replace in Arcadia Home

This was the aftermath of a damaged water supply line in this Arcadia home.  As you can see from the placement of these drying mats SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville practices restore vs. replace saving this homeowner both time and money.

Commercial Property Experiences Massive Water Loss

This commercial property in Lexington experienced a massive water loss due to frozen sprinkler pipe.  The damaged happened over night when no one was onsite.  When the property owners arrived the next morning the basement was flooded to the ceiling and the pressure from the water was so great it was shooting out between the bricks.  SERVPRO of Lexington /Thomasville was able to arrive on site and begin the extraction and drying quickly preventing additional damage.

Winston-Salem Business Experiences Water Loss

A 3 Iinch roof drain pipe came loose during a heavy rain storm unbeknownst to the tenant or property manager. This image is what the tenant discovered.  As you can see a massive amount of water was pouring into several businesses.  Fortunately the property management team contacted SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville.

Smoke Damages Lexington Home

A faulty electrical outlet was the cause of the smoke and soot damage in this Lexington home. The homeowner knew who to call.  The trained experts at SERVPRO was able to come out and assess the damage and began working with the homeowner to develop a plan of action for her home.

Since the home was  dealing with primarily smoke damage the main concern for this homeowner was ensuring her belongings were cleaned and free of the smoke odor. Our technicians have over 40 years of combined restoration business and are able to handle any situation they come across.  If you would like more information please feel free to call us at 336-224-2565.