Water Damage Photo Gallery

Cupping Floors in Lexington Home

Cupping and crowning of hardwood floors results from moisture differences between the top and bottom surfaces of the flooring.  Cupping is when the edges of the floor turn upward and generally will be the first indication of water damage.   Crowning is when the center of the flooring rises while the edges remain stationary. This photo is the result of a broken supply line in a hall bathroom that ran for 8 hours.  As you can see significant cupping had already occurred by the time we arrived and affected the entire first floor.  While the homeowner was upset about the damage they took comfort in the speed in which we began the drying process.

Water Damage in Arcadia Home

Water damage can affect more than just flooring.  When a water leak goes undetected it can affect only only carpet and floors but depending on where the water loss began and how long it went undetected walls ceilings and everything in between can be affected.  As you can see from this photograph When SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville arrived on the scene of this water loss  water ran from the second story bathroom to the basement.  During the loss water ran behind the drywall and caused the latex in the home to buckle and blister.  Our crew was on site quickly and began the drying process

Water Damage in Wallburg

When water damage happens to your home or business it's the unseen damage that can cause the most damage.  This photo is of a leaking sink which has caused water damage in the crawlspace below the home. When the technicians of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville arrived on the scene our professionals walked the homeowner through the drying process as well as the restoration of her kitchen.  The homeowner was thrilled with our communication and how quickly our staff were able to dry out her kitchen and get her home back to preloss conditions.  SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville is here to help.

Leaking Washing Machine in Welcome Home

Modern conveniences like washing machines have made our hectic lives easier.  But when this homeowner came home from work and discovered the water line into their washing machine had been leaking this convenience seemed more like a disaster.  Fortunately they knew who to call.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington /  Thomasville were on site and began the water removal immediately.  As you can see in the photo the slow leak had been happening for a while because of the additional mold.  But our technicians are licensed and trained to handle these types of situations and were able to get there home back "Like it never even happened®"

Saving Hardwoods in Arcadia

Did you know just because you have experienced some water damage that doesn't necessarily mean you will loose your hardwood floors?  If the floor has not started to cup which is when excessive moisture on the underside causes expansion and raised edges of the board there is a change we can save it.  This home in Arcadia we used our mat drying system to save the floor. Mat drying is the process in which the machine pulls moisture right through the surface of the floor.  Restoring versus replacing saves you not only time but money and gets you back to preloss conditions sooner

Leaky Line in an Attic Leads to Water Damage

The slow leak from the water line eventually was too much weight for the drywall ceiling to bear. We were called in to stop the leak, remove the damaged panels, dry out the trusses and spray an antimicrobial product. We left the house dry and ready for a new ceiling.