Recent Before & After Photos

Smoke Damage in Linwood, NC Garage

Fires are not the only thing that can smoke up a house. Long term smoking in a home or in this case a garage can cause significant build up on floors and ceili... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Lexington, NC

This rental property in Lexington suffered a kitchen fire due to an unattended stove. While the property did not experience any structural damage, the smoke da... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Winston-Salem, NC Home

The oil furnace heating system was the cause of the fire in this Winston-Salem home. The before photo shows how the fire damaged not only the system but the du... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Basement in Winston-Salem Home

This Winston-Salem home's basement is the worse of the fire damage was centered. The fire started in the oil furnace. As you can see the wall looks almost blac... READ MORE

Smoke damage room in Winston-Salem, NC Home

Smoke and soot settles in all areas of a home during a fire. The before image shows the volume of smoke and soot that settled in the Winston-Salem residential ... READ MORE

Bathroom After Fire Damage in Winston-Salem, NC

When a furnace fire struck this residential home the entire property was affected. This bathroom was damaged by smoke and fire during the home fire. In addition... READ MORE

Home Fire In Winston-Salem, NC

This home in Winston experienced a fire in their home's oil furnace which was located in the basement. While the property on experienced minor structural damage... READ MORE

Clemmons Home Restored After A Fire

This den in a home in Clemmons show obvious signs of smoke damage and secondary damage from the fire department such as the hole in the ceiling and insulation o... READ MORE

Sewage Back Up In Lexington Business

A Lexington business opened its doors on a Monday morning to a huge mess. When the office staff came into the office that morning they discovered a sewage back... READ MORE

Leaky Hot Water Header Causes Black Mold in Lexington Basement

This Lexington homeowner came home to a surprise after a two week vacation. Their hot water heater leaked filling the basement and basement closet with Stachyb... READ MORE