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SERVPRO team posing in front of a playground they built with the Roc Solid Foundation

Helping Kids To Be Kids

SERVPRO® of Lexington / Thomasville participated in its first every playground build with Roc Solid Foundation. Roc Solid builds playsets for children who are going through cancer treatments. As a member of the BNI chapter of North Davidson Business Builders SERVPRO has participated in several service projects and this by far has been the most enjoyable. The recipient family was over joyed with the turnout and end results.  

SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville at the first annual Mandie's Mile invitational

Mandie's Miles Invitational

Craig Harmon, owner of SERVPRO® of Lexington / Thomasville takes giving back to the community seriously. When he can do that and get a round  of golf in, it's a good day. SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville helped sponsor the first annual Mandie's Mile invitational to benefit Brenner Children's Hospital pediatric brain tumor program. With SERVPRO's help Mandie's Miles was able to raise over $5,000. 

SERVPRO teams dealing with a mold outbreak

Cleaning Biohazardous Situation

When dealing with mold cross contamination is a concern thus the need for clean rooms and negative air to ensure the mold doesn't spread. Our technicians at SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville take the utmost care when dealing with bio hazardous situations and take pride in ensuring that mold doesn't spread or come back.

Mold in a Thomasville home

Mold After Flood Is Big Concern in Thomasville

After experiencing a hurricane and a tropical storm in Davidson County within two weeks of each other mold is pervasive and real concern in the community, as seen in this Thomasville home. When you find mold in your home, it's best to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville immediately so we can ge to work and get your home back to normal as soon as possible!

Restore vs. Replace in Arcadia Home

This was the aftermath of a damaged water supply line in this Arcadia home.  As you can see from the placement of these drying mats SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville practices restore vs. replace saving this homeowner both time and money.

Commercial Property Experiences Massive Water Loss

This commercial property in Lexington experienced a massive water loss due to frozen sprinkler pipe.  The damaged happened over night when no one was onsite.  When the property owners arrived the next morning the basement was flooded to the ceiling and the pressure from the water was so great it was shooting out between the bricks.  SERVPRO of Lexington /Thomasville was able to arrive on site and begin the extraction and drying quickly preventing additional damage.

Winston-Salem Business Experiences Water Loss

A 3 Iinch roof drain pipe came loose during a heavy rain storm unbeknownst to the tenant or property manager. This image is what the tenant discovered.  As you can see a massive amount of water was pouring into several businesses.  Fortunately the property management team contacted SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville.

Smoke Damages Lexington Home

A faulty electrical outlet was the cause of the smoke and soot damage in this Lexington home. The homeowner knew who to call.  The trained experts at SERVPRO was able to come out and assess the damage and began working with the homeowner to develop a plan of action for her home.

Since the home was  dealing with primarily smoke damage the main concern for this homeowner was ensuring her belongings were cleaned and free of the smoke odor. Our technicians have over 40 years of combined restoration business and are able to handle any situation they come across.  If you would like more information please feel free to call us at 336-224-2565.


Mold Found In This Denton Home

This mold was the result of moisture build up behind a piece of furniture.  The homeowner noticed a musty smell in the living room but could not find the source.  Our Operations Manager was able to come out and locate the source of the mold as well as the underlying issue. While the affected area size was relatively small, it was a huge concern since some of the home's occupants had health issues.  The owner could not believe how quickly we responded to their concerns and  solved their problem. They said they would recommend us to all their family and friends.

What Is Black Mold?

Stachybotrys chartarum is the scientific name for black mold as seen in the closet of this  Lexington home.  As you can see in the photo the mold was concentrated in a closet in a room infrequently used.  Our trained mold remediation specialists were able to remove the affected area, apply anti-microbials to detour and future growth.  While each mold remediation job is different our trained professionals are available to handle a small closest or a large commercial property.  Our goal is to handle your issue quickly and safely to prevent spreading of the contaminated area.

The homeowner was concerned about the mold in her home but upon completion of the job she said she would recommend us to all of her friends.  So if you think your home or business has an issue with mold give us a call at 336-224-2565.

Frozen Sprinkler Affects Commercial Storage Unit in Lexington

With 3 weeks of below freezing temperatures a sprinkler line froze and burst causing thousands of gallons of water to pour into a commercial storage unit in Lexington soaking half the building as well as the units on the south side.  This image shows the aftermath of the burst pipe soaking personal contents.  As you can see every thing is dripping wet.  Our WRT Certified technicians arrived on scene and began emergency services which included pumping out excess water, setting up a thermobile drying unit and contents restoration.  While the owner was visibly upset the was thankful we were available to make it "Like it never even happened."

Severe Thunderstorm Damages Lexington Strip Mall

In the south thunderstorms can pop up without warning and be quite severe.  This Lexington strip mall's roof was damaged due to microburst of rain and hail.  The roof's underlayment and membrane was damaged affecting several businesses.  The experts of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville arrived on scene and began the immediate clean up of the mall as well as the businesses below.  The business owners and property manager were thrilled with the speed and competency of our trained technicians.  We were able to get there businesses opened quickly so they could return to providing goods and services to the community.

Smoke Damages Thomasville Home

A faulty electrical outlet was the cause of the smoke and soot damage in this home.  While the  home itself was undamaged the entire home had to be cleaned and deodorized.  Fire and smoke residue must be traced back to the source to ensure all affected materials have been evaluated against replacement cost versus restoration cost. Fortunately our highly trained technicians were onsite and were able to clean and deodorize all affected areas in the home as needed.

Our trained professionals have experienced in mitigating this type damage of damage and the homeowners were happy we provided detailed communication explaining the cleaning and restoration process to them.

Kitchen Fire in Thomasville, NC

The fire in this Thomasville home was due to a malfunctioning kitchen appliance.  While the fire was contained itself to the kitchen area there was damage was apparent everywhere. The fire caused massive amounts of soot and smoke to be deposited throughout the entire home and all its surfaces. As well as the water damage from putting out the fire. The goal of our certified technicians to restore your home and contents to preloss conditions.  Our technicians are trained in the state-of-the-art restoration and mitigation services.  If your home or business experiences a loss due to smoke or fire call the experts of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville at 336-224-2565

Frozen Pipes in Lexington Business

During a two week stretch of below freezing temperatures a local non-profit experienced a frozen water pipe that had burst affecting several classrooms.  Our trained technicians were quickly on site and began the restoration process.  Since there is no convenient time for a business to experience water or storm damage having a trained professional available to get its doors back open in critical to their bottom line. If an emergency water damage or storm situation arises in your Lexington area business, call us for a fast and professional response. We will restore your business to preloss conditions and make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in Lexington Business

When a toilet supply line leaked in a Lexington business they knew just who to call.  Our crew was on site within minutes of the call and we began the drying out process.  The drying process begins by  first removing any standing water and then placing air movers concentrating on the presence of remaining moisture in the area. In addition to air movers dehumidifiers are place to help the drying process. This equipment continues to dry out the affected area until all of the moisture and wetness has been evaporated.  Once the area is dry then the restoration can begin.

Cupping Floors in Lexington Home

Cupping and crowning of hardwood floors results from moisture differences between the top and bottom surfaces of the flooring.  Cupping is when the edges of the floor turn upward and generally will be the first indication of water damage.   Crowning is when the center of the flooring rises while the edges remain stationary. This photo is the result of a broken supply line in a hall bathroom that ran for 8 hours.  As you can see significant cupping had already occurred by the time we arrived and affected the entire first floor.  While the homeowner was upset about the damage they took comfort in the speed in which we began the drying process.

Water Damage in Arcadia Home

Water damage can affect more than just flooring.  When a water leak goes undetected it can affect only only carpet and floors but depending on where the water loss began and how long it went undetected walls ceilings and everything in between can be affected.  As you can see from this photograph When SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville arrived on the scene of this water loss  water ran from the second story bathroom to the basement.  During the loss water ran behind the drywall and caused the latex in the home to buckle and blister.  Our crew was on site quickly and began the drying process

Summer Storms In Lexington

Thunderstorms and severe weather can affect your home or business in an instant as seen in this photos. When the homeowner stating trees had fallen on his home and garage we dispatched our crews immediately. We understand that timely response to storm damage is vert important.  The trained professionals of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville are well versed in catastrophic storm response. Our crews were able to assist with the tree removal as well as tarpped the damage helping prevent secondary damage. The homeowner was thrilled with our response time and attention to details.  We love to help customers make their disasters "Like it never even happened."

Summer Storms In Lexington Are No Match For SERVPRO!

In the south strong thunderstorms pop up frequently especially during the summer and they can become severe quickly causing damage to your home or business.  That's why when trees fell on this garage in Lexington the homeowners knew who to call to help with their storm damage.  The trained professionals of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville are well versed in catastrophic storm response and the critical need to quickly respond to ensure secondary damage does not occur. We responded quickly and arranged the tree to be removed and tarped the roof. And with 24 hour emergency service no matter when disaster strikes "We're Here to Help."

Water Damage in Wallburg

When water damage happens to your home or business it's the unseen damage that can cause the most damage.  This photo is of a leaking sink which has caused water damage in the crawlspace below the home. When the technicians of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville arrived on the scene our professionals walked the homeowner through the drying process as well as the restoration of her kitchen.  The homeowner was thrilled with our communication and how quickly our staff were able to dry out her kitchen and get her home back to preloss conditions.  SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville is here to help.

Leaking Washing Machine in Welcome Home

Modern conveniences like washing machines have made our hectic lives easier.  But when this homeowner came home from work and discovered the water line into their washing machine had been leaking this convenience seemed more like a disaster.  Fortunately they knew who to call.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington /  Thomasville were on site and began the water removal immediately.  As you can see in the photo the slow leak had been happening for a while because of the additional mold.  But our technicians are licensed and trained to handle these types of situations and were able to get there home back "Like it never even happened®"

Smoke Damage in Arcadia, NC Home

Smoke damage is not only devastating can be overwhelming as well. Different types of fires produce different types of soot and smoke which can require different cleaning techniques.  As you can see when we arrived on scene soot, smoke and ash covered every square surface of the property.  Fortunately the homeowner knew to call the professionals of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville. Our highly skilled professionals were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceilings as well as remove the smokey smell in the home. 

Kitchen Fire In Thomasville, NC Home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Thomasville, NC home when we arrived on scene. The fire began in the kitchen and as you can see there was significant water, smoke and soot damage in the entire home.  We were able to save many of their personal possessions as well as their furnishings. We were to clean  the soot from the ceilings and walls.The homeowners were thrilled with the finish finished product.

Mold Discovered On Subfloor In Reeds Home

The our team was called out to a home in the Reeds community when the homeowner discovered a leaky dishwasher. Our crew was on site same day and began the drying process and discovered mold underneath the vinyl flooring near the loss. Our technicians were cleaning uo the mold as well as drying out the initial loss. Using HEPA filtered vacuums as well as sporicide, we prevented the cross contamination of the  fungi and their spores to unaffected regions of the house.  The homeowner was quite happy with the results and the speed in which we were able to return their home to preloss condition.

Mold in Finished Lexington Basement

This photo is from a finished basement of an elderly Lexington Resident who family members discovered this issue after the resident passed.  As you can see the entire basement from floor to ceiling has been affected by mold.  Fortunately the family members knew just who to call.  The crew of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville were quickly on site and were able to clean and restore the property to preloss conditions.  The family was thrilled with the results and couldn't believe how quickly we were able to take care of the problem as well as the professionalism of our team.  

Heavy Rain Causes Lexington Business To Flood

Heavy rains are never welcomed especially when they flood a Lexington insurance agency.  This image is what the staff walked into one morning after heavy spring rains hit the area overnight.  A recently landscaped adjacent property caused all the rain water directly into their office leaving several inches of water and soaking everything sitting on the floor.  The staff called SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville and we were on-site within the hour to begin extracting the water and drying the contents.  We were able to get them dried out quickly with minimum disruption.  They were grateful for our fast response and our professionalism.

Overflow Toilet Cause Damage at Thomasville Hotel

An early morning overflowing toilet caused major damage at a local hotel in Thomasville.  A toilet on the third floor caused massive damage on three floors of a local hotel. The front desk manager called us and we were on-site within two hours to begin the drying process and could not believe how quickly we were on site to begin work.  The front desk manager was thrilled because with our response time and of the relationship our businesses had built.  She said  "I knew when I saw all the damage that I had to call Betty and her crew.  I knew they would take care of me because she promised if we ever ran across a problem she could not handle SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville would be there to make  the damage "Like it never even happened." and she was right.  I could not be more thrilled with their response."  

Fire Damages A Welcome Restaurant

When you are a small business owner any setback can be catastrophic for your bottom line.  In this case holiday lights left unattended caused serious fire and smoke damage that not only affected the restaurant but disrupted the entire shopping complex and property owner.  While the fire itself was relatively small the smoke and water damage was extensive as you can see in this photo.  Fortunately the owners knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville. This event happened during a winter event in the area and our crew was on site as with hours of the first initial call.

Mold Can Affect Furniture As Well

In the past few years mold has made headlines frequently.  They are many misconceptions about mold and your health.  The fact is there are mold spores all around us everyday; which is not a bad thing.  Mold becomes an issue when it colonizes and starts affecting your health and property.  Those with a compromised immune system as well as the very young and old are more susceptible to mold.  Without proper remediation mold can grow rapidly causing serious damage to your home and contents. This photo is an example of what can happen when mold colonizes in a home basement after a water loss.

Warehouse Experiences Mold

A local furniture manufacture experienced an issue of mold on their most recent shipment of furniture.  The management knew just who to call: SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville. We were on site the same day. The picture shows our assembly line of furniture and technicians working tirelessly to clean the furniture and get it shipped out to their waiting customers.  It took our crew only two days to complete the entire shipment of furniture.  The customer was ecstatic and did not experience any complaints due to late deliveries.  We make disasters of all kinds and sizes "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Denton

Few things grab our attention like a late spring-summer thunderstorm. Steamy temperatures and turbulent atmospheric conditions often conspire to produce amazing visual pyrotechnics and house-shaking booms. They can also produce damaging winds, hail and tree damage and this is what happened to this home in Denton.  After an unusually wet spring season many of the trees root systems were weakened as in the case of this  tree.  After an afternoon thunderstorm rolled into the area the wind knocked a tree on the roof of this home.  Fortunately no one was injured and we were able to repair the damaged roof and the owner's home back to preloss condition

Sewer System Backup In Wintson-Salem Business

After the region experienced higher than normal about of rainfall over several weeks.  Many of the area's businesses began to experience problems from flooding and mold to downed trees and sewer backups.  This particular property experienced a sewer back up after the city's water treatment facility could no longer handle the volume of water being pumped in daily.  Several inches of water were in the building especially in the kitchen area.  Our crew was on site same day and was able to remove the contaminated water, dry out the property and sanitize the area all while the companies' doors were only closed one day. The company was thrilled with our results

Continuing Education

The definition of continuing Education is a program of classes for adults offered as for updating knowledge and skills in some professional field. As a leader in the fire and water restoration industry we take pride in our work as well as the ability to offer continuing education courses to help other professionals again understanding, knowledge and credits they may need in their chosen profession.  Each of our courses are specifically designed to help educate the business community on the value of mitigation.  This particular class was taught by our owner, Craig Harmon, and it was on Ethics in the Restoration Industry.

Saving Hardwoods in Arcadia

Did you know just because you have experienced some water damage that doesn't necessarily mean you will loose your hardwood floors?  If the floor has not started to cup which is when excessive moisture on the underside causes expansion and raised edges of the board there is a change we can save it.  This home in Arcadia we used our mat drying system to save the floor. Mat drying is the process in which the machine pulls moisture right through the surface of the floor.  Restoring versus replacing saves you not only time but money and gets you back to preloss conditions sooner

Thomasville Nursing Home Gets Wet

The sprinkler system activated without cause and drenched the corridor of this nursing home in Thomasville. We quickly arrived and suctioned up the standing water, disconnected the vinyl floor molding to expedite drying, and set up drying devices to restore an acceptable moisture level in this facility rapidly.

Thomasville Microwave Fire

The malfunctioning microwave in this Thomasville kitchen spewed oily soot from the meat onto the ceiling, walls, and appliances. Our SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Technician used sponges and detergents to clean up most of the residue. The ceiling, because it was a rough popcorn type, needed a repainting.

Mold Growth in a Bellevue Crawl Space

This photo depicts mold growth in a crawl space, the result of excess moisture. We fogged an antimicrobial agent to exterminate these fungi and set up an encapsulation service to reduce ambient moisture and humidity in this enclosed space.

Leaky Line in an Attic Leads to Water Damage

The slow leak from the water line eventually was too much weight for the drywall ceiling to bear. We were called in to stop the leak, remove the damaged panels, dry out the trusses and spray an antimicrobial product. We left the house dry and ready for a new ceiling.