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Frozen Pipes in Lexington Business

During a two week stretch of below freezing temperatures a local non-profit experienced a frozen water pipe that had burst affecting several classrooms.  Our trained technicians were quickly on site and began the restoration process.  Since there is no convenient time for a business to experience water or storm damage having a trained professional available to get its doors back open in critical to their bottom line. If an emergency water damage or storm situation arises in your Lexington area business, call us for a fast and professional response. We will restore your business to preloss conditions and make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in Lexington Business

When a toilet supply line leaked in a Lexington business they knew just who to call.  Our crew was on site within minutes of the call and we began the drying out process.  The drying process begins by  first removing any standing water and then placing air movers concentrating on the presence of remaining moisture in the area. In addition to air movers dehumidifiers are place to help the drying process. This equipment continues to dry out the affected area until all of the moisture and wetness has been evaporated.  Once the area is dry then the restoration can begin.

Overflow Toilet Cause Damage at Thomasville Hotel

An early morning overflowing toilet caused major damage at a local hotel in Thomasville.  A toilet on the third floor caused massive damage on three floors of a local hotel. The front desk manager called us and we were on-site within two hours to begin the drying process and could not believe how quickly we were on site to begin work.  The front desk manager was thrilled because with our response time and of the relationship our businesses had built.  She said  "I knew when I saw all the damage that I had to call Betty and her crew.  I knew they would take care of me because she promised if we ever ran across a problem she could not handle SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville would be there to make  the damage "Like it never even happened." and she was right.  I could not be more thrilled with their response."  

Warehouse Experiences Mold

A local furniture manufacture experienced an issue of mold on their most recent shipment of furniture.  The management knew just who to call: SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville. We were on site the same day. The picture shows our assembly line of furniture and technicians working tirelessly to clean the furniture and get it shipped out to their waiting customers.  It took our crew only two days to complete the entire shipment of furniture.  The customer was ecstatic and did not experience any complaints due to late deliveries.  We make disasters of all kinds and sizes "Like it never even happened."

Sewer System Backup In Wintson-Salem Business

After the region experienced higher than normal about of rainfall over several weeks.  Many of the area's businesses began to experience problems from flooding and mold to downed trees and sewer backups.  This particular property experienced a sewer back up after the city's water treatment facility could no longer handle the volume of water being pumped in daily.  Several inches of water were in the building especially in the kitchen area.  Our crew was on site same day and was able to remove the contaminated water, dry out the property and sanitize the area all while the companies' doors were only closed one day. The company was thrilled with our results

Thomasville Nursing Home Gets Wet

The sprinkler system activated without cause and drenched the corridor of this nursing home in Thomasville. We quickly arrived and suctioned up the standing water, disconnected the vinyl floor molding to expedite drying, and set up drying devices to restore an acceptable moisture level in this facility rapidly.