Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke Damages Thomasville Home

A faulty electrical outlet was the cause of the smoke and soot damage in this home.  While the  home itself was undamaged the entire home had to be cleaned and deodorized.  Fire and smoke residue must be traced back to the source to ensure all affected materials have been evaluated against replacement cost versus restoration cost. Fortunately our highly trained technicians were onsite and were able to clean and deodorize all affected areas in the home as needed.

Our trained professionals have experienced in mitigating this type damage of damage and the homeowners were happy we provided detailed communication explaining the cleaning and restoration process to them.

Kitchen Fire in Thomasville, NC

The fire in this Thomasville home was due to a malfunctioning kitchen appliance.  While the fire was contained itself to the kitchen area there was damage was apparent everywhere. The fire caused massive amounts of soot and smoke to be deposited throughout the entire home and all its surfaces. As well as the water damage from putting out the fire. The goal of our certified technicians to restore your home and contents to preloss conditions.  Our technicians are trained in the state-of-the-art restoration and mitigation services.  If your home or business experiences a loss due to smoke or fire call the experts of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville at 336-224-2565

Smoke Damage in Arcadia, NC Home

Smoke damage is not only devastating can be overwhelming as well. Different types of fires produce different types of soot and smoke which can require different cleaning techniques.  As you can see when we arrived on scene soot, smoke and ash covered every square surface of the property.  Fortunately the homeowner knew to call the professionals of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville. Our highly skilled professionals were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceilings as well as remove the smokey smell in the home. 

Kitchen Fire In Thomasville, NC Home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Thomasville, NC home when we arrived on scene. The fire began in the kitchen and as you can see there was significant water, smoke and soot damage in the entire home.  We were able to save many of their personal possessions as well as their furnishings. We were to clean  the soot from the ceilings and walls.The homeowners were thrilled with the finish finished product.

Fire Damages A Welcome Restaurant

When you are a small business owner any setback can be catastrophic for your bottom line.  In this case holiday lights left unattended caused serious fire and smoke damage that not only affected the restaurant but disrupted the entire shopping complex and property owner.  While the fire itself was relatively small the smoke and water damage was extensive as you can see in this photo.  Fortunately the owners knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville. This event happened during a winter event in the area and our crew was on site as with hours of the first initial call.

Thomasville Microwave Fire

The malfunctioning microwave in this Thomasville kitchen spewed oily soot from the meat onto the ceiling, walls, and appliances. Our SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Technician used sponges and detergents to clean up most of the residue. The ceiling, because it was a rough popcorn type, needed a repainting.