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Why did SERVPRO choose the color green for their vehicles?

1/12/2023 (Permalink)

The restoration crews of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville are always close by, helping to recover disasters in your area from fire, water, and mold damage. It is hard to miss the green service vehicles as they travel throughout Davidson County, North Carolina. But where did the green color come from? In the early 1970's the founders of SERVPRO® used a color chip paint sample chart to identify the most eye-catching color. It was a highly technical process. The founders showed the chart to as many people as they could and asked, “Which color on this chart would be impossible to miss?” By a wide margin, the color most identified was 1970 rally green, a color used on Porche 911 automobiles.  Now used on entire fleets of vehicles in every SERVPRO franchise nationwide, from production vans to disaster recovery storm trailers, our vehicles are prepared for any size disaster. 

SERVPRO’s List of Do’s and Don’ts for Deep Frying a Turkey this Thanksgiving:

11/15/2022 (Permalink)

Deep fryer causing fire in a structure. The fire was created by a deep fryer that overflowed on an open flame in a structural building.

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville would like to share with you some tips for deep frying your turkey this year! Every year, fire departments across the country get called out for house fires on Thanksgiving, most of them because of improper cooking techniques. Here is a list of dos and Don’ts for deep frying your turkey this year!


  • Keep outdoor fryers off decks, out of garages, and a safe distance away from trees and structures.
  • Keep the fryer on a stable and level surface.
  • Leave 2 feet between the tank and the burner when using a propane-powered fryer.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid overfilling.
  • **** Remember oil can ignite when it contacts the burner. ****
  • Choose a smaller turkey for frying. A turkey that is 8 to 10 pounds is best.
  • Wear goggles to shield your eyes.
  • Use oven mitts to protect your hands and arms.
  • In case of emergency keep a grease-rated fire extinguisher close by.


  • Never leave fryers unattended for any reason whatsoever.
  • Never leave kids or pets unattended around the fryer.
  • Do not use too much oil. **** Dropping your turkey into too much oil will cause oil to overflow from the pot and can result in significant injury and/or fire once the oil meets the fire or heating element. ****
  • Avoid moving the fryer when it is in use.
  • Do not deep fry a frozen turkey. Thaw the turkey in the refrigerator for at least 3 to 4 days before cooking. **** Allowing ice or water into the hot oil can cause flare-ups. ****
  • Watch the weather forecast, you never want to work with a fryer when it’s raining or snowing outside.
  • Never put the turkey into the fryer when the burner is on. Submerge turkey in oil and then turn on the burner.

SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville is always available in case you do have an accident and require us to come out. Remember, we are always faster to any size disaster and make your property look "Like it never even happened." We are happy to be of service to you and your family during the upcoming holidays! Whether it is because of water damage or something as extreme as fire damage, there is no job that is too big or too small for your team here at SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville.

How to streamline household cleaning

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Vinegar is an economical and environmentally safe way to clean around your home.

Travel down the cleaning aisle of a neighborhood store and you will be met with product after product designed for specialized cleaning. There are sprays for windows, cleansers for electronics, carpet-cleaning foams, and scouring solutions for tubs and showers. SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville is the expert in cleaning and although many of these are effective, the average person can rely on just one cleaning aid for a wide variety of tasks: vinegar.

Vinegar is a versatile product that can be used in everything from cooking to pickling to preserving foods to household cleaning. For generalized cleaning, white vinegar is the most common type used and is typically made from corn. Utilizing vinegar around the house is quite simple and can be used in various ways around the house.

  • Remove lime buildup. Vinegar is good for cleaning faucets and showerheads. Make a paste of one teaspoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Apply to sink fixtures and rub with a cloth. Fill a plastic baggie with vinegar and attach to the showerhead with a rubber band. Let sit a few hours to overnight and then rinse away the mineral deposits.
  • Brighten laundry. Add 1⁄2 cup white vinegar to the wash cycle. It will help loosen stains and brighten clothing. An added benefit is the acid will reduce static cling.
  • Disinfect cutting boards. Give cutting boards an extra cleaning by spraying them with straight vinegar, then rinsing to clean.
  • Clean the disposal. Make sure food residue doesn’t clog garbage disposals and lead to odor. Mix vinegar and baking soda in the drain and allow the bubbling action to remove built-up residue. Use a scrub brush for extra scouring.
  • Get streak-free windows. Mix a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use to clean windows and other glass surfaces. Wipe away with a microfiber cleaning cloth so no lint is left behind.
  • Eradicate pet odor. Pour a little bit of vinegar into an empty litter box. Let stand for around 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Vinegar also can be used to blot up pet stains on the carpet. Just test color-fastness in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Banish water stains. Fix water stains and rings on wood furniture by mixing equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Use a soft cleaning cloth moving in the direction of the wood grain. Polish using a clean cloth.

Vinegar can be used all around the house — these were just a few of the dozens of ways to rely on vinegar. Just steer clear of using it on natural stone and marble, as the acid could cause damage. And if you run across something that you can’t handle.  Call the experts of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville at (336) 224-2565.  Our team of high trained technicians are here to help you to clean up any disaster that comes your way.

Northern Davidson County Chamber of Commerce Helps Non-Profits in our Community

2/1/2018 (Permalink)

Pictured left to right: Cindy Zimmerman, NDCCC Education Chair, Vera McRae, Executive Director of CIS and NDCCC President, Kenyon Rush.

The goal of the Northern Davidson County Chamber of Commerce is to help our community grow and prosper. By promoting a strong local economy, advancing the interests of the business community and serving our members, we can make our community an even better place to live, work and play.  We, at SERVPRO of Lexington /  Thomasville are proud to be board members in this worthwhile organization. In January the proceeds from the NDCCC Christmas Silent / Live Auction were divided and donated to two worthy causes in our community. The Crisis Ministry received $1,250 to help the homeless in our community.  The second charity to receive a $1,250 check was Community in Schools.  CIS supports student health, safety, and well-being by developing integrated student support initiatives.  

We believe that community involvement is not only a great way to build relationships in the community but a responsibility of all businesses to be able to give back and make our communities a better place to live.

TRU Taekwondo Ribbon Cutting & Five Year Anniversary

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Master Douglas, Betty Vanhoy and Mr. Phillips cut the ribbon on TRU Taekwondo's new facility.

The Northern Davidson County Chamber of Commerce was proud the help TRU Taekwondo Center Celebrate its Grand Opening and Five Year Anniversary at it's new location on Highway 150 in Winston Salem. 

Lexington's Richard Childress inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Lexington's own Richard Childress' was moved during the reception honoring all his accomplishments.

Richard Childress, owner of RCR Racing was recognized during a special reception at the YMCA Third Street Events Center on Monday night for his recent induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  

Retirement Celebration for Lexington Business Leader

1/20/2017 (Permalink)

Burr Sullivan, President of the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce looks on in shock during his surprise retirement party.

Burr Sullivan, President of the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce announced his retirement after 7 1/2 years with the chamber.  Burr has had a huge impact on the chamber and the Lexington Community at large and he will be greatly missed