Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Thomasville Crawlspace

This moldy Thomasville crawlspace was the result of a slow water leak in this Thomasville home. When the leak was discovered the homeowners call the experts of... READ MORE

Mold in Arcadia, NC Basement

This basement is the result of a slow leak and warm weather. The homeowner didn't go down to his basement for a few weeks and this was the result. As you can ... READ MORE

Mold in Clemmons, NC Crawlspace

The homeowner discovered mold in their crawlspace after they discovered a water leak. Notice the extent of the mold damage. The homeowner was concerned about ... READ MORE

Mold in Thomasville Business

This moldy ceiling is the result of a slow leak in a water pipe behind a drop ceiling. After removing the ceiling tile extensive mold was found growing on the ... READ MORE

Mold in Lexington, NC Basement

This moldy basement in Lexington, NC was discovered after the homeowner noticed a small water leak. Once the homeowner fixed the leak we came in dried the area,... READ MORE

Mold Damage is Not Welcome(d)

This vacant home in Welcome suffered extensive mold growth in several rooms of the structure. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians immediately isolated... READ MORE